How to write a resume objective which never fails

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August 19, 2016

How to write a resume objective which never fails

What is job objective? Tips for resume objective

A Resume objective should clearly represent your employment goals, it shall be related to sector oriented or designation oriented, place oriented. It needs to specific and targeted to one specific sector towards the job you need or applied. For example, if you are applying for manager role in the private concern, your job objective should indicate that you are looking for a managerial level position which related to the private concern field/job sector.

Objective statement should be drafted in such a way that the recruiter should find it relevant to pick it. There are piles of resume on the desk of the recruiter. Now tell, how he will pick the resume he needs? Based on the career objective only.

The Recruiter will pick the one which has exact career objective related to the job posting,while non-targeted career objective goes to the dustbin.There are some rules to make your objective statement worth, they are as follows first one is objective must be simple, specific and targeted to the core sector/job you are applying.

Secondly, more adjectives should not be used. More you keep it simple, more you increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Last but not least, actionable verbs can be used.

Job objective should project your career direction as well as shows them that you fit for the  job position. Suppose you are changing your career from one field to another field, you could indicate it in the job objective.

Imagine yourself as the fisherman, who use the fishing hook to catch a big fish which is called as the job. While the resume objective is the worm or small fish which you used in the needle to catch the big fish (job). The person with the good worm catches the big fish. Similarly, the person with good career objective gets a good job.

If you applied for two or more jobs, you have to draft your resume objective separately for each job you are going to apply.

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