How to write an effective career summary on your resume

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August 20, 2016

How to write an effective career summary on your resume

What does Career summary in a resume mean?. Profile Summary or career summary is an important section in a resume. effective career summaryIt is nothing but your career highlights. I would love to share you an experience which made me think of writing an effective career summary on my resume. During an interview, the HR asked me to introduce myself. My answer didn’t last for 2 minutes. After listening, the only question he asked me is “You lived in this world for more than 21 years but you’ve only a few things to tell about yourself”. The interview is done. I think you could guess what might happened after that.

Tips to write an effective Career Summary

  1. Good introduction
  2. Supporting points

Good Introduction for Career Summary:

Roughly, a recruiter takes 30-50 seconds in reviewing a resume. So organizing the points in a right manner is very important. A good introduction could create interest to the recruiter to view your resume. The first point in your career summary should state your experience level. In case, if you’re a fresher, then mention your latest academic details.

Supporting points

The recruiter will ask questions based on the information present in your resume. So it is highly recommended to state only facts. After writing your Job Objective you should create a relationship with the next section i.e. career summary. So don’t forget to add some supporting points which are relevant to your career goals. You can write like proficient in so and so concepts or well versed/adroit in so and so works etc. Please avoid presenting your career summary in paragraphs and also ensure you should not exceed 6 points. (4-5 points is recommended). Try not to include more than 1 point which refers to your general skills like a good listener, excellent communicator etc.

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