How to write an effective architect resume

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August 21, 2016

How to write an Effective Architect Resume?

A Resume is an important tool to advertise yourself. So whether you’re a fresher or a senior executive you definitely need a resume to grab your dream job. In this post, I’m going to let you know how to write an effective resume for Architects.

Resume objective

Resume objective or career objective is very important for any resume. So please read how to write an effective resume objective which never fails. It is always good to avoid non-specific objective. Make sure you target your job sector/divisions (for example design). If you’re a senior level executive, then you can target your job objective by your desired job role.

Profile Summary for an effective Architect resume

Profile summary or career summary section should include your career highlights. Some of the common mistakes we observe in profile summary are

  1. Usage of more general terms
  2. Not highlighting years of experience (For senior executive) or latest educational details (for fresher) in the beginning of the career summary.
  3. In some resumes, profile summary is mentioned in paragraphs. (Use bullets instead)

Read “How to write an effective career summary on your resume” to create a good profile summary.

Some of the common roles and responsibilities of an Architect includesImprove resume

  1. To discuss the ideas, objectives, requirements and budget of a project with both client and team.
  2. To check feasibility on the project by sorting out its practical difficulties related to the local environment, design and budget.
  3. Ability to use computer-aided design software like Auto-cad, Sketch, V Ray, Revit to create detailed workings, sketches, drawings and specifications
  4. Expertise knowledge in project management, team management, ability to work with strict deadlines, and financial budgets.
  5. Supervise sites on a regular basis, examine the progress of construction.

To write an effective architect resume, please don’t exactly copy the above points because you’ve to express how much you’re strong at in a more personal way. You could use the above ideas in work experience area of your resume like

  1. Oversee feasibility of a project by sorting out its practical difficulties……and so on.
  2. Adroit in using computer aided….. and so on.

Also, read Resume tips on work experience to know how to describe your work experience.

Awards and achievements

In an average, a recruiter takes just 30-50 seconds to review your resume. Now tell how he is going to shortlist you? Increase the chances of getting an interview opportunity including your achievements. If you’re a fresher, then write about your academic achievements. If you’re a senior level executive, then write about your recognition’s you earned (For eg: Promotions, awards, appreciations etc).

Click below to download the sample resume template for architects.

write an effective Architect resume

I hope you enjoyed reading the post “How to write an effective architect resume”. Please share if you like or comment below if you’ve any queries.

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