General Resume Writing Tips for all

Resume Writing Tips
August 22, 2016

General Resume Writing Tips for all

Resume writing is not an easy taking thing. Resume Writing Tips and Resume ExamplesIt is an advertisement of yourself and you’ve to take at most care in drafting it.Think yourself as a product and you have to sell yourself to the recruiter.A professional resume is an effective tool, which can land you on your dream job.

We are in this field for more than 4 years. In this post, I’m going tell you some basic points which are applicable for both fresher and senior level person. There are many common mistakes everyone commits while writing their resume. Most of them will have a very general Resume Objective/ missing of profile summary.

70% fails to write an effective Resume Objective

Improve resumeResume Introduction should begin with your career objective. If you’re a fresher or a person with mid-level experience, then it is highly recommended, to begin with, Resume objective. Resume Objective is not necessary for people with senior level experience as their work history speaks about them. Click here to read how to create a stunning resume which never fails.

As a resume writer, I could remember about a client who expressed her unsatisfaction over the mail by referring to the draft we prepared. She wants the resume objective to be catchy and impactful. She also needs a general resume objective which suits for multiple job requirements. We immediately replied her and request a telephonic appointment to discuss further. Later, we explained to her that resume objectives cannot be very general and made her understand the problem. Objective statement should be very specific to the job description. In case, if you’re uploading your resume on job portals then make sure you target your objective as per your desired job sector and not per job role. As targeting a specific job role could discourage companies to shortlist you if their requirement is different.

80% don’t know why mentioning Career Summary is important ?

Career summary or Profile Summary is the area which you’ve to give maximum importance while writing your resume. Career summary is nothing but highlights of yourself in 5-6 points. Representing in paragraphs may fail to grab the recruiter’s attention so make sure you use bullets while writing your career/Profile summary. Click here to know how to write an effective career summary.

Rules for describing your Work Experience in your Resume

The information in this section should be in Reverse Chronological format. A reverse chronological format is nothing but writing the latest information at first. One of the most common mistakes people make in writing their work experience is mentioning the company profile where they worked/working. Remember, a resume is a personal tool and not an advertisement for your current/previous employer. So make sure the content is crisp and relevant. You can read our post Resume writing Tips for describing your work experience to get a better idea.

Key for your Dream Job is your Achievements

With years of experience, we could rate the costliest mistake committed by 90% of people is mishandling Achievements section. People will write special/additional responsibilities in achievements. Many don’t know how to identify their achievements.

Let me reveal the secret formula which you can use to identify your achievements

  1. All Awards are achievements, but all achievements are not necessarily awards.
  2. Appreciations from your clients/senior executive
  3. Improvement in company turnover due to your unique skills
  4. Timely completion of a teadious  task.
  5. Promotions

Common Resume writing tips for writing an effective resumeImprove resume

  1. A Resume should be 1-2 pages in length.
  2. Word count should not increase more than 750 words. (550-750 is ideal)
  3. Highlight less than 10% of your content using bold. This could create a path where the recruiter’s eyes travel.
  4. Don’t underline anything. Use bold instead.
  5. Having 10-15% of rich vocabulary words is recommended.
  6. Use standard font type (Times new roman, Calibri, Arial)
  7. Font size should be between 10-12.

We hope these resume writing tips are useful to you. Share this page if you like or comment below if you have any questions.

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