Confident Body Language to Strengthen your Attitude

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February 17, 2017

Confident Body Language to Strengthen your Attitude

Almost 80% of communication is portrayed through body language. confident body languageEven before someone opens a conversation we will predict what he/she is going tell. The same is applicable for us. Being confident is everything and in this post we’re going to explain how to change yourself to pretend confident from your feet to your facial expression.

Point 1: Make sure that your feet is wide as your shoulder width. This posture can be called as open or being free. Keeping your feet closer can be considered as closed body language. Closed body language can be related to nervousness, fear and lack of confident. On the other hand, open body language shall make other feel you like calm, relaxed and confident.

Point 2: Let us discuss about how to keep your hands. While considering body language, position of hands are very important second to eye contact. Do not keep your hands in your pocket or keeping your hands crossed or holding one hand with other hand. It is best to keep your hands at your side. Also, you can use your hands to explain things about what you’re trying to explain.

Point 3: Another phenomenal body language in communication is your head. Keep your head forward. Don’t keep your head down as it will make you submissive  and tilting up will make you as arrogant.

Point 4: Eye contact is very important and it can be considered as a prime to all points in confident body language. This makes your very interested and confident during a conversation.

Point 5: Don’t laugh at the middle of a conversation. Just express yourself with a gentle smile. Showing your teeth can make others feel like your expression is fake.

Point 6: While handling with objects like laser pointer/pen/ glass move slower. Slow movement will be looked as you’re very confident. Touching your face or biting your nails or any other fast movement will project you as a nervous guy who mix everything with emotions/sentiments.

Bingo, you just read the secrets of having a confident body language. Share this post if your like or comment below with your question or suggestion with body language signs.


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