How to hire the Best Resume Writing Service

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May 5, 2017

How to hire the Best Resume Writing Service?

There are a lot of Resume Writing Companies who just give you a mere CV instead of a Resume.How to hire the Best Resume Writing Service First, we should know what is the difference between a CV and a Resume. A Resume vs CV is a different topic which we will post on our blog shortly. Let us tell you how to hire the best resume writing company. In India, there are many companies who are active in this resume writing business. Hence it is a very difficult task for us to filter the best resume writing service online so follow the 5 simple steps to identify the best resume writing company to write your resume. Keep in mind that the Best resume writing service never compromises with quality.

Why choose Resume Writing Service?

Most of us already have a resume. Then why to hire an expert?

  1. We need to draft the details in recruiters point of view.
  2. We don’t know whether our resume meets international standards which includes Word count, page length, printer and ATS friendly layout.
  3. Eliminate grammatical and spelling errors which ruin our impression.
  4. To get a good conversion rate. (Lot of responses from Hiring managers)

First Step: (90%  of the Best Resume Writing Service online can be Identified)

The very first thing before opting for a resume writing service is to think about upgrading the quality of your existing resume (If you already have a resume with you). So instead of searching for resume writing service, you have to find resume correction service or improving service. Usually, people opt for a brand new resume and they give their inputs through their old cv/existing resume. I have noticed several times that few of our clients have a very good resume draft which they prepared by themselves. For just proofreading and enhancing the vocabulary they pay the charges for a fresh resume. Check whether your resume writing company you choose have Resume correction or resume improvement service.

It may be a bad choice if the company you choose does not offer improving or correction services for your existing resume. So first filter writing companies based on this factor.

Second Step: (Shortlist based on their terms and conditions)

Check whether the resume writing company is providing satisfaction guarantee or 100% refund to you if you’re not satisfied with the draft. Resume writing is not easy, the writer should understand your career goals to craft an excellent resume.

Most of the companies offer limited draft on their package. So ask them how many drafts they can give you. More the draft you get can improve the quality of your resume as your inputs are getting added.

Third Step: (Check whether they produce ATS and Printer friendly resume)

Ask them whether the resume they created/improved will be compatible with ATS (Applicant tracking system) which is used in job posting sites to search the resume of candidates who match their search criteria. Without that the resume created is useless, if you rely on the internet to search for jobs. Secondly, also ask them whether the layout will be printer friendly. Question them how they prepare a printer friendly resume. In general, a Resume without horizontal/vertical lines/Graphical content is printer friendly. Read why you should not use Visual/Graphical Resume.

Fourth Step: (Customer Support and Delivery timing)

Before opting any Resume writing service, you have to check their customer support system. Most of the Resume writing service does not require physical meetings. so ensure they have live chat, Phone, and email support.

Final Step: (Pricing)

Alas, confirm your decision by comparing the pricing. Usually, the charges for resume writing will increase with respect to your work experience. Make sure it comes within your budget. On an average Resume writing fees in India vary from Rs 500 to Rs 3000.

I believe this post may help you to choose the best resume writing service in India.

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