Disadvantages of using Visual CV or Visual Resume

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August 21, 2017

Disadvantages of using Visual CV or Visual Resume

As a Senior Resume Coach-Marketing Person, I strictly advise my clients not to go for Visual CV or a Visual Resume elsewhere, even we stopped visual CV since 2 years (2015) once we realized the potential risk and low conversion rate.

disadvantages of using visual cv

Not all people can use Visual CV/ Visual Resume. People who’re related Graphic designing or other multimedia related sector shall use Visual CV or a Visual Resume.

Visual representations of your key highlights to make your resume easy to scan by a human eye but it will fail in ATS (Applicant Tracking System). So if you’re planning to upload your Visual CV/ Visual Resume on Job Portals then it is not going to help you in any way. Second biggest disadvantages of using Visual CV is it cannot be easily editable. You need to go behind the Resume Writing Companies always. Be ready to spend more and more over time as you need to update as your experience grows. In some cases, usage of Visual CV or Visual resume may be treated as less professional which can also be considered as the disadvantages of using Visual CV. Most of the employers both in India and Abroad feel comfortable with traditional resumes because that’s what they expect. As I said earlier, it is important to consider your Job sector you are interested in when you consider creating a Visual Resume. Still, if you need a modern Resume then try E-Resume instead of Graphical or Visual Resume.

What are the advantages of getting a Visual CV or a Visual Resume?

Visual Cv or a Visual Resume has minor advantages. A visual Resume adds a unique clutter breaking look which makes your resume to stand distinct while comparing Resumes of your fellow candidates who’re competing with you. Don’t feel satisfied, this visual resume could ruin your chance of getting an interview as 100% of the required skill sets for your potential job may not be presented as graphical or visual representation. According to me, the Resume Writing Companies alone have to advantage if you opt for their Visual/Graphical type resume as they could charge you more/double.

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