Different Types of Resume for Job

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June 25, 2018

Different Types of Resume for job

types of resume for job

There are four types of resume formats mainly reverse chronological, functional, combination and STAR. This article explains the pros and cons of each. Read this post to know which suits you best.

Resumes could be said to be one of the corner stones of building one’s career; they play a rather pivotal role in creating the right kind of impression in the mind of the employer; and as it is rightly said, ” the first impression is the last impression”, hence it all sums up the absolute necessity of having a perfectly constructed resume. The four different types of resume for job which are the basic formats of Resume’s have been discussed below.

Suited according to your requirement you can choose from the: Reverse Chronological, Functional or Skill based, Combination and the STAR (Situation Task Action Result).

The Reverse Chronological resume enlists your entire work history in the reverse order, that is to say from you are currently employed to where you had started off; this serves as an excellent benefit for the employer. This is one of the most efficient resumes as it presents very clearly the work experience of the individual, which is a very important criteria for any employer, and it is because of this that most recruiters prefer this format of resume. The highlight on the most recent jobs done by the individual enables the recruiter to easily gauge whether the applicant is suitable for the position in question or not; the career progression of the applicant can be understood clearly by the recruiter which makes it easier for them to decide.

However, the disadvantage of a resume like this lies in the fact that in case the individual has had a career break of any sort or some kind of an illogical career move, it becomes rather visible in the resume. This could be responsible for an unfavourable response from the recruiter right away.

The Functional is the second among the different types of resume for the job of all types; the point of focus for this type of resume is on the skills and job functions that have been carried out by the individual in the past. In simpler words, it highlights the experience of an individual over the past years. Job seekers who have had some kind of a break in their career, use this format of resume more often so that the attention is drawn towards what the individual is capable of doing. This makes it easier for the hiring companies to verify at a glance, whether the given candidate has the necessary skills for the job in pursuit.

As is very apparent from the name, Combination is a type of resume in which there is a conglomeration of both the reverse chronological and the functional resume. It could also be said to be a resume that has the work history as well as the work experience of the applicant. This is the perhaps the best form of resume template for all those who have enough working experience as well as skills required for the particular job they are pursuing. This kind of resume is appreciated greatly when the positions at stake are of a senior or an executive level. However, being a lengthier format there are chances of repetition and also the employment gaps are completely visible to the employer, this is something that serves as a drawback of this formant among all the other different types of resume for the job.

Finally, the STAR resume is perhaps the most specific and precise in gaining knowledge about the applicant. It is an extremely useful and a rather vivid method of arranging your experiences and qualifications that you deem are suitable for the job you are pursuing. It focuses on the situation you were in, the task that you were expected to perform in that situation, the actions that were taken by you to complete the challenge and the result of your endeavour.  This helps the recruiting company a great deal as they are easily able to understand the skills of the concerned individual and immediately assess whether or not they are fit for the position. Simultaneously, this is advantageous for any candidate who strongly suits the position available, since they can showcase their skills elaborately. However, the weak candidates should be aware of the fact that with this type of a resume it will be difficult for you to try an exaggerated any of your experiences. Those belonging to and interested in the field of Defence mostly use this type of resume format to enumerate their experiences and achievements.

Resumes are basically an advertisement (Click here to read the general Resume Writing Tips) of what you have accomplished professionally, and the intention behind it is to help you secure an interview with the recruiter you intend to. It is thus that you ought to have substantial knowledge of it and select the most suited Resume for yourself from among the different types of resumes for jobs in any field.

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