Knowing the star resume format

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September 27, 2018

the star resumeKnowing the STAR resume format

By now everyone is thoroughly aware of the idea of a resume and which type of it to choose from based on their situation; then what is it that one still needs to know to tailor the best selling resume? Well, the answer is, the STAR resume format.

The word ‘STAR’ here, is an acronym for what can be elaborated into Situation, Task, Action, Result. Once, these four areas need are addressed adequately within the structure of a particular resume type, you can be sure that you have gained the attention of every recruiter you present it to. The primary target of this STAR method is to highlight how efficiently you have worked previously for any business entity and how profitable that has been to the same entity.

Following the STAR method, you need to address each important event in your career individually. You should provide a detailed description of the situation you were in, what tasks were assigned to you, what actions you took to carry out that task and finally what was the result of the action you sought. Say for instance you were employed as a supervisor in a car manufacturing company; it means that you had to exercise leadership skills as well as managerial skills. So, to emphasise how skillfully you had performed your role, you need to cite specific incidents; such as, designated the work of painting the car parts to more number of people which helped in speeding up the process of manufacturing by 30%. Thereby, enabling the quicker delivery of the same to the showroom.

As compared to the other types of resumes, which include- chronological, functional and combination, the one composed on the STAR resume format, the experience of the person is the part that occupies the maximum space. You can start off by listing your educational qualifications in the bulleted list, following which you should contain the previous designations you were in, and you next segment should be where you start exercising your STAR method – this is the ‘EXPERIENCE’ section. Now, you can choose to divide this into different categories, for example, you can label one section as ‘Leadership, Teamwork and Crisis Management’. Another section can be named ‘Process Improvement’, or ‘Operation Management’  and yet another ‘Inventory Management’; and in each of the subdivisions, you should explain each role that you performed in that category.

To give your resume that boost, you can end the STAR resume format by incorporating a section which testifies to your other achievements and interests. Whenever you create your resume, irrespective of the form you are following, you should always have in your mind the fact that it is a one time chance for you to make or break it in bagging a particular job. Hence, your intention, must at all times be to tailor the best possible resume, so that your talents and skills do not go overlooked in any way.

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